⚠️We generally do not accept inquiries from DMs on social networking services, as we may not be aware of your notification. For reliable inquiries and requests, please use e-mail.

現在の受注状況 |Current Orders

🟣2023年9月~ 🚫

🟪September 2023- 🚫



🟣メールのみでの打ち合わせ [※1]

🟣製作時間: 発注 → 納品まで、ご連絡のやり取りを含め、1案件・3週間~1ヶ月前後、かかります。(内容・物量により異なります。)



🟣【営業日】:平日 [9:00 ~ 16:30](※臨時休業あり)

🟪For companies and those who value quality.

🟪Up to 3 retakes (revisions and adjustments) are possible within the manuscript fee.

🟪Meetings by e-mail only [*1].

🟪Production time: It takes about 3 weeks to 1 month per project from order to delivery, including communication with the customer. (It depends on the contents and quantity.)

🟪We cannot accept orders for short delivery times.

🟪For those with introductions, we can also use DM on social networking services.

🟪[Business days]: Weekdays [9:00 ~ 16:30] (*Special holidays apply)

制作手順|Production Procedure




AZ Pt側で内容を検討し、制作費と『①製作開始日|②ラフ|③中間稿|④完成|⑤納品(ご指定日あれば)』のスケジュールを返送します。




提示したスケジュールそって、"AZ Pt"からラフや途中経過の状態のご確認用画像とメールをお送りします。必ずご確認の上、問題がないかどうかのお返事を宜しくお願い致します。




🟣 【6】お支払い


🟪[1] Inquiry / Quotation

Please contact us at the above e-mail address with a description of your project, purpose of use, size, etc., budget, delivery date (approximate is acceptable), and any other information (materials, questions, etc.). We will reply within 3 business days.

🟪[2] Presentation of production costs and schedule

"AZ Pt" will check the contents and reply with the production cost and the schedule of "(1) Production start date|(2) Rough draft|(3) Intermediate point|(4) Completion|(5) Delivery (if there is a specified date)".

🟪[3] tentative ruling

If there are no problems with the content, we will tentatively confirm the order. We will attach a "Memorandum of Understanding (*1)" to your e-mail, and if you confirm the contents and reply to us, we will proceed with the production according to the schedule as a "request confirmed".

🟪[4] Order confirmed & production begins

"AZ Pt" will email you an image of the rough sketch and progress. Please be sure to check the images and reply with any problems/no problems. 

⚠️Retakes are allowed up to 3 times within the fee, but large retakes at the end of the session may be difficult and may result in an additional fee.

🟪[5] Delivery

We will send you the data for delivery via your designated server or "Gigafile". Please be sure to check the data after downloading it and reply to us with your confirmation.

🟪[6] Payment

Once we hear back from you, we will provide you with the details regarding payment. After confirming your payment, all scheduling is complete.

注意点|attention required

⚠️※1 双方の打ち合わせ履歴・確認を残すため、メール対応のみにしております。



⚠️1週間経過しても”AZ Pt”から返信がない場合は、誠にお手数ですが迷惑メールフォルダをご確認いただくか、再度ご連絡をいただけますと助かります。





⚠️※1 : We only respond to e-mails in order to keep the meeting history and confirmation of both parties.

⚠️What is a "Memorandum of Understanding"?

A "Memorandum of Understanding" is a document that outlines the minimum promises and requests we will make to the client after the order is tentatively confirmed, mainly in the case of individuals. Once we have received your confirmation and agreement, we will confirm the request and begin production.

⚠️If you do not receive a reply from "AZ Pt" after one week, please check your spam folder or contact us again.

⚠️As stated in the "Memorandum of Understanding", if we do not hear back from you within a month or so, we will make a decision to stop production. Please understand in advance that it is impossible to resume production.

⚠️As the exchange of confirmations and adjustments will continue, we sincerely appreciate your cooperation for a while until delivery.

⚠️Please do not submit requests from minors.

🟪If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the above e-mail address.






🟩For individuals / Paid Requests.

🟩Skeb agreement assumption, quality according to the indicated price.

🟩No retakes (corrections or adjustments) or meetings.

🟩Anonymous requests accepted, even from overseas.


注意点|attention required

🟢 Skeb




版権物(ファンアート)|著名人などご本人でないもの|NSFW|R-18|AZ Ptが不可と判断したもの

⚠️ 表示金額は変動する場合がございます。

⚠️ ご依頼時の文面にご質問が入りますと”打ち合わせ”に該当する為、お答えする事ができません。予めご注意下さいませ。

⚠️ 不定期受注の為、ご検討中の方はSkebのチェックをお願い致します。

🟩 Skeb

Please be sure to read Skeb's rules and regulations and agree to the Skeb system before submitting your request.

[Reference] Skeb Official Twitter

🟩[✖] Not available for production

Copyrighted material (fan art)|Not from celebrities or other individuals|NSFW|R-18|Materials that "AZ Pt" judges to be unacceptable.

⚠️ Prices shown are subject to change.

⚠️ We will not be able to answer questions in the text of your request, as it constitutes a "meeting". Please be aware of this.

⚠️ is an irregular activity. Please check Skeb if you are interested.